Welcome to the website of Weatherford Presbyterian Church, PCA.   We are a congregation striving to bring everything captive to Christ Jesus, the King of kings.   Jesus is to be the focus of life -- not just added to our lives when convenient or while we are in church.  How is this really accomplished within a local church?    There are some key truths that help keep our hearts focused on the centrality of Christ's glory in His Church:

• The sovereignty of God's love.
• The sufficiency of Christ's saving work.
• The hopelessness of man apart from the gracious work
    of the Spirit.

The "five solas" of the Reformation are more than slogans to be recovered; they are the messages that will renew the church's mission in our age.

Gospel-centered preaching that rightly distinguishes between law and gospel rescues the church from "Christless Christianity" while enabling Christians to grow in grace.

Word and Sacrament ministry realigns the church's mission and identity from program-driven pragmatism to the means of grace that Christ has ordained for the creation, sustenance, and expansion of his kingdom.

God sovereignly establishes and increases faith through His ordained means, often called ordinary means of grace, which are vital for believers’ spiritual nourishment and growth. God’s people are therefore commanded to participate regularly in Lord’s Day corporate worship, in dependence upon God’s Spirit Who applies Christ’s benefits through His Word and sacraments. We therefore practice systematic expository preaching of God’s Word, recognize spoken and sung prayer as the chief means of gratitude and praise to God, and administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  As such, we are a church governed by the ordinary means of grace.  Although various ministries and fellowship opportunities certainly exist within our church community, we are not a program-driven church but an ordinary-means-of-grace-driven church.


Sunday School for children and adults begins at 9:30 am
Worship Service begins at 10:30 am

Weatherford Presbyterian Church, PCA
204 S. Main St.
Weatherford, TX  76086